Riding against the Tide? Continental Free Trade Area and the future of Regional Integration in Africa

Samuel O Oloruntoba and Christopher C Nshimbi

At a time when the ultra-conservative elements in Europe and the United States of America are sounding the death kernel of a liberal international order


Transformation will not be realised without correction of past injustices in Azania

Moorosi Leshoele Researcher & PhD Candidate, TMALI/UNISA

Reconciliation, justice, and social cohesion are some of the buzz words that have been peddled in post-apartheid South Africa.

Beyond the Compromise: Crafting new Visions and Practices of Freedom

Patricia McFadden

A conference on the 20 Years of Democracy in South Africa in November 2014, convened by the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute & Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection

Uprisings, but not Reawakenings

The African Renaissance was meant to visualise space for people to determine their own destiny. By this yardstick it has failed, writes Thabo Mbeki The Sunday Independent, 5 July 2015

The year 2011 began with popular uprisings in the Arab world that started in the African Maghreb and Egypt.